Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why it is Impossible to Get Up When You Have a Cat on Your Lap (CM)

There are many reasons why standing up when you have a cat on your lap is difficult impossible. I have two cats, and have personally experienced all of these situations, and they frequently hinder my ability to complete my daily activities. Here are only a brief summary of the multitude of reasons. (May only be understandable/relatable for cat-owners)

1. Cats are adorable and have a persuasive power than is particular to their species. When a cat sits on your lap, it is automatically putting you in your place as the cat's royal throne.Getting up is like defying a royal command.

2. The warmth of a cat sitting on your lap is incredible and extremely comforting. It is especially enjoyable on a cold fall or winter day, but can be enjoyed at any time. Also, a special bonus is that it is a symbiotic relationship that warms both cat and owner for maximum enjoyment.

3. The adorable nature of a cat is frequently difficult to oppose, forcing an owner to tolerate whatever strange sitting conditions the cat may be in. Personally, I experience this problem the most with my cat, Crush.

Yes, that is an actual picture of my cat sitting on my head. And yes, I was fully aware of this while it was happening. The only reason my eyes are closed is because there is a cat arm in my face. This is a frequent occurrence with my cat, and it is very difficult to resist the desires of a terribly cute cat.

4. Once a cat sits on your lap, you feel as if you have made a commitment to the cat. Getting up would be an unforgivable offense that would leave your cat heartbroken and confused. Even though in reality the cat would just get up and find a new comfy place to rest.

In summary, having a cat has many advantages, but one disadvantage is that, as an owner, one can frequently find themselves incapable of moving.

And yes, I did use this blog post as an excuse to post pictures of my cat on my blog.


  1. Allyson, I think that every cat owner can easily sympathize with this post. I know that I can! Just today I was laying in my bed doing my Spanish homework when Andy crawled on top of me and laid right on my legs. It was super cute, but I felt like a horrible person when I had to move him so that I could go upstairs and write my English blog. (Although, being a cat, he really didn't have much of a problem with it and just went back to sleep.)

    All of your points are extremely relevant and spot-on. Also, the picture of Crush sitting on your face is my new favorite thing on the Internet. Congrats. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts as the year goes on!

  2. Thank you for the excellent comment! As far as homework goes, my cats generally try to sit on my lap while I have a laptop already on it. Needless to say, it doesn't work.

    I am very proud to have received the prestigious award of your favorite picture on the internet, and I was wondering if there was a prize for that... Anyway, thank you for your input and for relating to my post!

  3. Although I am a dog lover, I really connected to this blog post (being "royalty" myself). I mean even for humans it is hard to get up when you are really comfortable, and when you have a cute face looking at you it's even harder. It's hard to break someone's feelings that you have such a strong connection with. All your points make a very convincing argument about why it's hard to stand up when a cat is on your lap. I mean how can you say no? Although it can be quite troublesome, it also seems like it would comforting to know your pet loves you so much (even if he/she just wants a place to sit).

  4. Hi! I can relate to the problem you describe here. I am wondering if this idea may be helpful to you as a solution? Perhaps allow easier homework and chore completion while retaining the close relationship with the cat? It might take some explanation, as the cat may not understand their new throne at first...